Nico’s Home Brewing Co.

Tasting delicious and looking delicious

Nico is an entrepreneur in the Crooswijk area of the city of Rotterdam. Nico organises jazz concerts on regular basis called ‘Jazz in Crooswijk’, During these concerts special beers are on offer while listening to the music. There is no better combination than tasting delicious, micro-brewed beer and the perfect sound of Jazz.



Nico approached us because he had a new kind of beer brewing, ready to be labeled. A special beer in a large 750 ml bottle to share! While talking through a few ideas,  Nico quickly realised he also needed a brand name and logo to go along with the new beer. Nico’s Home Brewing Co. was born a few weeks later. The name tells the story by whom the beer is created and that it is a true ‘Home Brew’.

The label has fresh vibrant colors that match the beers’ flavour . The name and illustration of the beer is a play on the dutch-english language, with ‘Brom’ referring to the scooter and Beer meaning ‘bear’ in Dutch. The illustration also plays into the fun, entertaining side and sharing part of this special beer.


  • Brand Name
  • Logo
  • Label Design