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Fixyfoxy is a independent design studio with a team of two who strive to work with brands & businesses so that they can tell their story with confidence. For that we use a range of skills in online- and offline design.


– Deep Dive

Fixyfoxy is a design studio in Rotterdam, founded by graphic designers Gideon Evenhouse & Dora Varga. Both graduates of a four year graphic design study in Rotterdam. They specialize in brand and packaging design. Fixyfoxy has a solid network of young designers who can complement and expand fixyfoxy into a powerful all around design team.

Before we start designing, we look at the strengths and values of the client or business. Emphasizing and filtering out to create a unique proposition that aligns with the mission. In this process we really focus on the core story that has to be told. Through our broad skills, we design both print, such as: identities,  packaging, campaigns and illustrations. And web, such as: websites that are in line with the brand identity.

You have a story that needs be told and heard? Curious about what our process is at fixyfoxy? Need for a fresh strategic vision from the outside? Send an email for a brainstorm session or a chat and a cup of coffee!


Header image by Rogier Bos – www.rogierbos.com


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